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Here at TheLAI, We are promised to deliver creative and innovative designs. We offer the design for your residential home interior, institutions, workspaces, and hospitality with the leading industry experts committed to aspiring to the nature of the space. With the combination of creative and innovative experiences the ultimate creation of extraordinary interiors for our clients. Accessibility and functionality are major theories for our interior designer when designing projects.

Interior design trends and your opinions can help give us fresh new ideas. Interior designers even help your decorating choices for furniture, colour and accessories. Research shows that our home has a direct influence on our mood. Sometimes the trends are so great that we’re eager to incorporate them into our home decorating the right way. We design our projects that meet our client’s needs that are physical convenience. Emotional attachment to the customer’s demand and impressive visuals. Old contemporary designs are like pebbles in your shoes; you notice them every time. So we start designing your interiors and looking at how we function in your spaces.

A hanging luster for living room designs
Different style of hanging lights and ambiance lights

Lighting Design

Unlike the traditional floor plans, we design the space which makes every part of your home functional. Nothing exists without light colors texture and geometry of the space. Lighting plays a major role when it comes to interior design. It plays a major role in how you evaluate and experience a space. A good lighting plan depends on the characteristics of the light source. The three characteristics of the light sources are color temperature

  • Warm white 3000k: Cozy calm inviting Intimate
  • Neutral white 4000k: Friendly bright vibrant
  • cool white 6000k: Clean alert invigorating
Blue color living room simplistic furniture


A good furniture design is not only about the aesthetic aspects. It’s not only about placing beautiful things in the place. It’s about how the element works together in the space to change the living standard of our lives. We know the interior furniture design principles. we can transform any space to look and feel fabulous and unique.

  • Focal point/ Emphasis
  • Contrast
  • Rhythm
Wall paper for interiors with brick wall texture


To make your home more luxurious we consider all aspects of the design from the floors to the walls to the ceiling. There is no surface would left untreated. Our interior designers chose a beautiful and neutral toned wallpaper that’s textured. So when the lights hit to the walls has like a faint glimmer or we chose bold and patterned wallpaper. The visual impact of the wallpaper is a bar none to paint. Wallpapers makes the room seem elegant cozy and very high end.

Curtains matching furniture for the living room


Curtains can make your room windows look bigger and allow us lighter to enter in the interiors of the room. In the curtains the rods and the size and color of the curtain makes an impactful sign in the home interiors. We make sure the not suffocating the windows by having a curtain rod that’s too narrow, as per the aspect of the interior designers rods should be hand on the top of the room.

Planning the colour palette and materials is very important. To make the interior design cohesive and maintain a pleasing visual language. Colour evokes mood and emotions. Our interior designers are very careful in selecting a colour that adapts to your taste and the style of the space. Different colour creates different moods in space by communicating diverse feelings. Such as excitement, relaxation, and serenity; colours can transform a space.

Interior colour can enhance health and well-being and make your space feel larger. It can illuminate dark spaces and even energize static areas. Colours are the basic and more useful tool used by designers to create a specific mood in home interiors. We evaluate the space and identify that direct sunlight doesn’t enter the room. It may be convenient to use light colours to take advantage of the brighter room.

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