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Modular Kitchen Designs

These are some of modern kitchen design on which we are specialized to design such as An Island kitchen or a Peninsula. When we designed our kitchens, we always wanted to work with an open concept, It always connects you with the dining room, living room, or other parts of the home interiors. Everything that flows together is great for entertaining. The natural lights and ventilation of the kitchen are really important to us. We often see dark areas around the kitchen helps to make your mood more pleasant every time you go to the kitchen for cooking. In our team, we have our techniques by the designers to organize the soft close cabinets in the kitchen space, from balancing color schemes to hanging artwork, planning lighting, and best use of drawers that are more comfortable than cabinets to store kitchen essentials. The water filter we use on the kitchen sink is the best in quality matching the interiors of the kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Designs in Gurgaon

Fresh Color

In recent years we have seen a matte black has been a favorite and contemporary kitchen designs. It is an elegant color that gives a touch of exquisite modernity. It’s true that black came to a long time as a favorite whereas it’s time for colorful lovers too. Fresh colors like yellow and beige in both vibrant and light tones are the trend of the moment. Cool colors make a perfect contrast with warm materials such as golden details. These cool colors create a beautiful contrast with the wood and warm fixtures in the kitchen.

Best Modular Kitchen Designers in Gurgaon


In contemporary kitchens, the cabinets are usually more versatile and adapted to the user. The trend is to bring the upper cabinet up to the ceiling to take more advantage of the vertical space. These upper cabinets are combined with floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets. Also contemporary kitchens  can have low cabinets for creating a luxurious log at the top. You can opt for open shelving or leave it free for a fresh minimalist look.

Minimalist Kitchen Designs in Gurgaon

Design Idea

We have the experienced interior designers to create an awesome kitchen that connected to the dining room and family room. An island kitchen is intent to be the hub of the house. How much space do we need to make and island kitchen? 1.2 meters space between the island and a counter or the island and a wall. We always make sure that our clients have a enough space while performing the task in kitchen.

Island kitchen designs with large separate are for appliances

Kitchen Types

A tricky thing with kitchen a is a lot of work like sometimes companies take about a month but we assure you to deliver the modern kitchen design within a week. Weather the space of the kitchen is tiny or a huge size kitchen, most common thing in L-shaped kitchen we see that it has a big dining table. Installing a matching size of the kitchen is the priority for interior designers. At present we often see the people requires the kitchen renovations are because they have an outdated cabinets and wardrobes in the kitchen and the dish washer and cleaning area the basic requirements to renovate your normal kitchen to a Modular kitchen in home. L shaped kitchens are basically
Top Modular Kitchen Interior Designers in Gurgaon

What makes a Modular Kitchen Design, complete?

  • Microwave/Grill is meant to be placed in a practical area of our Kitchen.
  • Dedicated Dustbin/Trash for recyclable garbage and non-recyclable also it has to be easily accessible while performing the work.
  • A wooden furniture/dining table is placed by our experienced interior design that matches the ambiance of the kitchen.
  • False ceilings are essentially used for insulating wires, fire control systems, and hanging some pendant lights, making your kitchen look more fascinating.
  • Hob/Chimneys are the main things to have in every kitchen interior to keep the area smoke-free and ventilated.
A modular kitchen with wooden finish fitments
Peninsula Kitchen
Modular Kitchen Interior in Gurgaon
Island Kitchen
Island kitchen with hanging lights on a jutified height
L-Shaped Kitchen
Kitchen Interior Designer in Gurgaon
Parallel Kitcen
L shaped kitchen interiors Designing in Gurgaon

Our Concepts for Kitchen Designing

Kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen interior designers requires time to get the kitchen interiors ready. how to plan a perfect Kitchen Interiors at your home, You get many choices to in our portfolio. Once you have fill up the request quote form, our team will get in touch with latest trends and ideas. Our designers help you to put the best best place for the appliances you use in your kitchen. Because the islands are becoming so important, some people talk about wanting to have may be a sink in a Island. Simple layout is often found in smaller Kitchens. As per the current trends we can make the Island kitchens which helps to save your space and can be used as a proper dining room area. It’s space-efficient and functional without sacrificing functionality.

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