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Living Room Interior Designs

The functionality of the living room interior designs plays a major role when TheLAI and the team designs the layout of the living room. In every space there is a lot of different function to like some owners liked to watch TV in their living room and some would like to study. Everyone has a different aspect and their point of views when they are planning to get their living room designed. The living room must be functional for doing all kind of activities like reading, entertainment and all other activities we do in our daily lives. Once the clients get us the idea that how the living room space is gonna function. Then we at Luxury Avenue Interiors comes into the task and plan properly according to your preferences.

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Living Room Concept

The dining-living room open concept is very common feature in these days. The open concept of an space is because you feel the space more fluid, larger, brighter and contemporary. There are a two different kind of area in the same space, where we will develop two kinds of activities. So, we need to define and always searching for the balance between each one creating a harmonious composition. We are expertised to make your living room and dining room speak to one another. Our recommendation to achieve is to maintain the same style that you want for your home.

Living room witha wall painting and simplistic designs

Furnishing Your Space

The Luxury Avenue Interiors defined the design style that need to think about how we will use each space. The dining room we develop the same activities, which is sharing a meal and sharing the moments with the family and friends. On the other hand the living room is more versatile and depending on how you use the space and which kind of activities you do there. Our Living room Interior Decorators will organize and place your furniture in a specific way. If a family likes to watch TV when they are having there meals in their dining room.

Living room with couch and indoor plants with a mirror on back

Highlighting Areas

We can define your spaces through a rug, Ceiling and some texture. A rug is the easiest way to do this in the living room. It will place an obvious border around part of the living room to define it as its own zone. Depending on the size of your open living and dining room plan, you might want to put a rug under your dining table too. It’s often wise to chose just one of the zones to anchor with a rug. Defining your area with a carpet rug is a great idea for small living dining spaces. Our team of architects and Interior Designers speak to one another without feeling too matching. It sounds a little bit tricky but it’s simple.

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What makes a Living Room Interiors, complete?

  • A TV unit and Dining Table top can be in a similar material, texture and color.
  • The color tones in the dining room art can speak to the color tones in cushions couches or the pillows.
  •  A space should work for those who use the space and for those who live there.
  • If the dining room is contemporary with a touch of glam, then your living room should have the same appearance and visual language.
  • It should be contemporary with a touch of glam.
  • Our team of experts Architects and Interior designing are to develop multipurpose room in harmony

Requirement For Designing Luxurious Living Room Space

A good built-in around your bed creates a cozy sleeping. while adding plenty of storage makes the bedroom practical. Those who don’t mind climbing into comfortable beds need an immediate renovation in their bedroom.
Color Palette
Lighting Fixture
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Living room looks much more appealing when you explore all areas at home like kitchen, dining rooms. Everything needs to be arranged in odd numbers that are visually more appealing to the human eye as they look more dynamic and interesting that items group in even numbers. In terms of Interior Designing, we are directed to never put same height objects together or next to each other. One of the best titling tricks is playing with different scales.

We don’t want all the same height but when pairing different sized elements avoid combining super tall pieces and tiny ones. We always calculate about the elements are proportional to each other. The triangle methods consist of separating similar objects by their shape color or texture creating a triangle.

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