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The vibe is all about great conversation and great companions in the bar designed in home interiors and good times. All we require for a inspired bar home is a chalkboard wall and wooden cabinets and limited number of bar stools. With so many basement and bar ideas. We here at Luxury Avenue Interiors coming up with designs and decorating your home bar can be fun and gives it a luxurious look. The truth is when people plan to utilize space in their homes the basement is often forgotten. The best location to place your home bar is the basement area. Basement bar can become one of the most stylish spots inside the home interiors. In fact most people prefer a home made bar to make their best hangout spots staying at your home. It allows them the flexibility to design their drinking area just the way your want even in the small places. There are cool bar designs that can help you maximize your home and create a great mancave for drinking with your friends and family. It is the common area for all the households centered in the basement area.

Best Home Bar Designs in Gurgaon

  • Small Basement Bar: Not everyone wants to commit their full basement so a small part of basement can be an excellent compromise. Building a corner bar allows you to use remaining square footage to put in a seating area or a pool table.
  • Simple Rustic Basement Bar Design: Our Interior design experts using a blonde wood can help keep the space feel lighter and airer even in an underground basement.
  • Home Bar with Simple Island: The felide and simplicity is your vibe. Our Interior designer explore your point of views and the choice that are minimalist and monochromatic a focal wall and light up letters can add interesting visual elements without being too fussy.

Consider a bar layout that are more interesting than just straight or L-shaped. Our interior designers favorite is a style that 45* angle at two corners for a little extra space for sitting or standing. If you have enough room for an L-shaped bar You have enough room for this style. Two tier bar for eating and drinking has two different surfaces one at normal area to be used for eating drinking and a casual conversation all at the same time.

Making a home bar is a versatile use of space that works well. If you like to include a snack buffet along with your drinks. If you are afraid there just won’t be enough horizontal surface space with a traditional Bar. Matching bar stools with bar top is an excellent point to keep in your mind while designing home bar.

Terrace Garden

Our Interior designers are always focused to create green design in our home interiors, when it comes to the green space. A very important space to be designed in our home interiors is a Terrace Garden It is tough to create a green space in the home interiors but after waterproofing the rooftop where the terrace garden takes place. With a terrace garden it helps you keep connected and spot the greenery around your home interiors. We can help you set up your terrace garden as per your preferences.

“As a rapid colonization we have seen a rapid increase in greenery has also increase”

There is huge number of benefits by having a green space in our homes. Weather it’s in the form of a green roof or garden in home for health and well being purposes for environmental biodiversity purposes. Its helping ultimately to our cities more sustainable. Particularly If we look at the urban food growing element for it. It’s making our cities more resilient the food systems more resilient as. Inside home garden allows you to grow much food locally in your home with maintaining the temperature of the space. We have seen people feel healthier and feel more connected. What we have found in a research that people are happier, healthier and much more connected because having a Green space in home interiors.


It is an excellent opportunity to make your home looks more aesthetically appealing by adding a green environment in your home interiors. As the experienced interior designers company in Delhi NCR. Our designs can help you grow plant’s, Flowers fruits on the terrace and give you tips to maintain your home Terrace Garden.

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Swimming Pool

Outdoor living trends, are you looking for ideas on outdoor living spaces. Our team of interior designers helps you to make your outdoor activities much more happening places like swimming pool. Spending a lot of time outside swimming area helps keeping your vibes to the nature and helps keeping your body more fit and light. The trend of improving our outdoor living spaces is more important than ever. The first thing to think about with a swimming pool is there’s different types. There are basically three types of structure that you can look at:

  • Vinyl Liner: Vinyl liner predominantly certain shapes.
  • Fiberglass Swimming Pool: Fiberglass only comes in certain shapes that are limited.
  • Gunite Structure: There is endless possibility of the shape you can make a Gunite Structure.

The cool thing about gunite is we can create any width length and depth which works really well with some of the restrictions.

How We will use the space for swimming pool?

The first thing that our interior designer keep in mind is the general activity. General activities covers a lot of different things, activity or recreation that everyone wants to play around the swimming pool, jump in the pool and playing games. Swimming in the evening time helps you to sleep better at nights.

  • Wreck Pool
  • Diver Pool
  • Hybrid Pool


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