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Dining Room Designs

A small dining room can be as beautiful like a restaurant interior at home. At the Luxury Avenue Interiors we use the creativity to get most out of your dining room. While making it lavish interiors and stylish. Our designers community used to enhance your dining room in different ways.

Heavy furniture and solid designs are not the right furniture in the Dining room interiors. In some cases the space is limited, We always opt for folding tables that can fold and fix to the wall. So when it is not required.

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Choosing The Right Dining Table

Curve shape makes the room much more organic, fluid relaxed and spacious. Even better if the round table has a central base or leg because it provides much more comfort. It allows zero obstacles between chairs which allows movement of people at the same time. Visually it feels much lighter. Also round tables create a more intimate and pleasant atmosphere that promote sharing. Because people can see each other and interact more easily. Beautiful and small dining room is cozy and pleasant. We always focus to keep the light design and the pleasant feel in space.

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Combine Your Chairs And Make Them Multifunctional

Not all the seats have to be the same shape, combining different chairs create an authentic space. Also gives you the versatility of using your chairs in another areas for an activity without it looking like a dining room chair. Our Interior Designer make sure they feel light and easy to move a rear wrench. One thing to make sure that we can see through the chairs so that space feels lighter and more dynamic.

Luxury Dining Room Designer in Gurgaon

Hanging Or Wall Lamps

The perfect compliment to a dining room is a beautiful lamp, But choose a piece that doesn’t clutter the space. The height allows it to go for an impressive but simple lamp or chandelier. In some cases we use a pendant lamp with a natural fiber lamp shape. A dedicated chandelier contemporary lamps with as cultural structure and glass globe. Basic measurement of the lamp should be centered above the table. It should not exceeds the size of the table. The lamp shall be placed 30-36” above the table to avoid blocking vision or having an accident.

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What makes a Dining Room Design, complete?

  • As per the current trends the asymmetrical volumes and authenticity that the option creates, If the corner placed dining room or there is no electrical outlet in the ceiling.
  • The first decision to make is about the dining table. We must study the dining room and it’s extensions to determine the shape and size of the dining room.
  • In order to occupy a part of the circulation. In this case its an excellent idea to use a low stool or benches that can be stored under the table when they are not in use.
  • A wooden furniture/dining table is placed by our experienced interior design that matches the ambiance of the kitchen.
  • False ceilings are essentially used for insulating wires, fire control systems, and hanging some pendant lights, making your kitchen look more fascinating.
  • Round tables are a classy in small spaces because they can gather more guests than square option.

Dining-Living Room Open Concept

Light Furniture
Color Palette
Lighting Fixture
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Everything needs to be arranged in odd numbers that are visually more appealing to the human eye as they look more dynamic and interesting that items group in even numbers. In terms of Interior Designing, we are directed to never put same height objects together or next to each other. One of the best titling tricks is playing with different scales. Living room and open dining room concept is the trending now a days.

Luxury Avenue Interiors offers you assistance with furniture, wall decor, drapery and curtains, paint colors, and thematic designs. From complete interiors, to beautiful Kitchens and Wardrobes we are the ultimate destination for your home. Hence as interior designers we assist you in making the space your sanctuary. We apply eco-friendly operations in project which has a minimum impact on the environment.

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