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2 BHK, Ghaziabad

  • Area: 11002 feet.
  • Locality: Crossing Republic, Ghaziabad

At this project in Ghaziabad, UP things are very organized manner like the full use of space the interior designers have given their best and current and ongoing project as our interior decorators are currently working on it. It was an old-style house with old appliances and we have transformed it into a modern home interior. We have used to set up and centralized AC system in the house which works fantastically and the job of the interior is currently under progress. The placement of this closet is a well-done job by the architects, If you’re looking for inspiration on how to redecorate or are a change for good interior design, you’re going to love this job in the Ghaziabad project. Bedroom beauty depends on how the structure is built and arranged, supported by Electrical, and lamps. We have chosen from the wide range of styles and color options available in the desired design of our client’s home. The family feels secure and free in their rooms and thus it needs the best ambiance.

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