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Our interior design company provides services and technical expertise in the areas of Commercial Interior Designing. We also contract with manufacturers and renovation furniture. All of these services can be combined with our brand that works in multiple industries. We offer a wide range of services including Office Interiors, Restaurants, Café shop designs as well as retail and exhibition design.

The best interior designers in Gurgaon, The Luxury Avenue Interiors is considered among the top Interior Renovation and designing agencies. Our sustainable design experience and dedicated team of professional Interior Designers make us well-poised to emerge as well-known Commercial Interior Designers in Gurgaon.

Contract furniture designers at TheLAI believe things can be better. Our commercial furniture is both environmentally friendly and stylish. Modern furniture is designed with durability in mind, Careful consideration is given to the manufacturing process as well as the material used. TheLAI’s classic modern furniture is designed with great function and is as much for the future than it is for today. We can make custom furniture to fit your commercial needs. Luxury Avenue Interiors is known for creating unique pieces. In order to keep up to date with market creativity, entertainment commercial hubs have become more flexible and open to quirky design spaces. Our research and development team is always at the top of their game and we strive to provide the best possible services to our clients in their commercial space.
Commercial Interior Designers in Gurgaon

Consider Technology Implementation

Our team of Interior Designers and Architects are skilled and can help you create the perfect Interiors. Every piece of furniture is handmade and made using the finest quality, modern and classy designs. The furniture is perhaps the most important element in designing any space. All furniture can be customized to meet the needs of our clients.
Luxury Interior Designers in Gurgaon

The extremely efficient and creative team at Interiors have worked hard to bring us in the list of top Interiors designing and Architectural services in Gurgaon. You just sit back and relax and watch your interiors work getting done at your workplace. Our team of expert professional indicates a collective of design consultants, Creative heads, lighting consultants etc. who studies and calculate the proposed space and the various designs.

Our Research and development team brainstorm with you and give your dream workplace a concrete face to managing the building.

We help to conceptualize and bring to life the best commercial Interiors theme.

We help implement you personalized ideas to turn them into reality.


Starts to meet up with the client or somone who represents the client and to understand their requirements.

Make a list of the spaces as per the client’s requirement, when we enter the designing aspect of the commercial interiors, more than aesthetics we focused to make the space functional. Most of the commercial spaces almost have an office where people actually work. That’s why knowing the clients requirement is an emphasizing on this concept.

Once we have made the plan ready then we come to the part of it’s safety and the rules and regulations under the building premises. These kind of regulations and limitations within the space. We start designing your spaces knowing each other and every aspect at the site locations.

The mood board or something as a visual board at commercial projects are lot more creative than residential. When it comes to giving a proper concept so an idea that is derivative from where the company is coming from is always like appropriate. Most companies have a branding kit that we may ask for and it contains their font and color theme. Mood board also helps us to give idea about the texture of the space and a plan before starting the work at site.

Space planning space is a big or tiny office as a creative add as an interior designer your duty is to actually solve that problem by dividing it up, Remember the brief that that are client talked to you about the organizational chart.

Smart offices & How It Adds Value To Office Interior

Smart office capabilities enables user to enjoy the benefits that Technical Architecture offers. Hassle Free and remotely managing their connected devices from anywhere/anytime on any device at real time.

  • Energy Cost Reduction
  • Employee Comfortability and & Safety
  • Smart Workplace Operations
  • Improves Productivity
Commercial Interior Designers in Gurgaon

Interior design for commercial spaces includes furniture, furnishing, and accessories. The Luxury Avenue Interiors will give your space a complete makeover. Contact highly skilled and recommended interior designers to help you with commercial interiors. This includes any space that houses a restaurant, café, or business. Commercial interior design projects can also include hospitals.


When you are thinking of design in a tourism outlet that being a hotel or a restaurant or even tourism agency. We require to create a file concept document which includes the parameter of concept we would be creating the design. It normally includes History, vision design and presentation.


History of the Brand: History of the space If there is any. And if that is a concept so there is no history but if your are doing this document for an outlet that already exists is good to talk a little bit about, how the concept happened, what is the idea behind it and How basically you come up with the idea.


Vision: As for all the people that will be working on the outlet no matter in the operational part or still in the design part or still in the design part and also for the employees down in the future. Vision market positioning of the brand. This is important for the concept document Is that a Luxury Brand? Or is it like mid scale brand you would be requiring something simple and unique.


Product Design & Presentation: If you are doing concept document for an existing outlet that you can include pictures of the overall product that means what you will be serving so your food and drinks. Basically If it is not available then use the reference pictures such as for the guidance style of the product you would be offering.


Exterior Design: The designers at the Luxury Avenue Interiors can create for you the renders for exteriors design. If not, well it’s a good idea for you to pick up bits and pieces from other concepts or the colors and texture and the types of exteriors that you would like to create. Just to give and idea of all the people that would be involved in the project.


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