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Make your home expensive by Thelai

16 Ways to make your home look expensive – TheLai

Designing your home’s interior is a clever method to express who you are. The aesthetic appeal and market worth of a home are both improved by an interior design that is both attractive and practical.

TheLai luxury home interior in Gurgaon is here to help you, whether you want to create a new home or remodel the one you already have.

1. Color Your SheetsLuxury Home Interior

This easy hack will make your bed look and feel moodier by giving your old sheets a new lease on life. You can use rapid dye or take it to a professional dye shop like Spectrum Dyers, where they will create whatever color, you can imagine. The process is straightforward.

2. Make your ceiling shine with a new coat of gloss:

Gloss paint is modern and stylish, and it also reflects light.

3. Revamp Used Dining Chairs

Quickly sand down and refinish worn hardwood frames. It would help if you didn’t try to accomplish it alone; get a professional instead. keep on appearing so ragged? To make the seats look new again, you should reupholster them. Great bedsheets may be found in abundance at Spotlight.

4: Brighten Up Your Front Door:

It’s the first thing guests, and visitors see when they arrive, and it’s easy to change its color with the seasons. The key to a flawless finish is in the preliminary sanding of the wood. You can make a statement in virtually every color, from black to navy, from more muted neutrals to classic greys and bold reds.

5: Design an impressive entrance:

Invest in a new door knocker and mailbox in addition to painting the exterior. It’s a simple method to update the look of your door and add value to your best home interior designer in Gurgaon immediately.

6. Sew some light and airy summer curtains:

You can afford to be generous if you buy yards of white muslin and throw it over your curtain rods. Please ensure the muslin is 100% cotton and let it fall to the floor for a graceful appearance.

7. Create some characters for your walls:

The most cutting-edge and trendy wallcoverings in interior design are also the simplest to install and use, thanks to modern wall panels (and murals) that can be applied to any surface inside or outside the home. They have the aesthetic value of works of art, and there are styles to suit everyone’s preferences.

8. Put up mirrors to bounce light around your house.

Place a full-length mirror in the wall’s opposite corner to double light, views, and space. The reflective properties of a mirror wall can transform a small room into an impressive one. This is an old one, but it still does the trick.

9. Change out the plastic light switches:

Changing them out for metal versions is a quick and easy method to upgrade the look of any space. Cover plates for light switches by HMP that are brushed metal will make walls sparkle like silver.

10. Remove any clutter from your nightstand:

Put a bulb with an excellent filament on a decorative hook next to your bed, like one of those found in contemporary Ikea designs.

11. Finish the room off with some ornaments:

While it’s true that only some have access to a home with original architectural details, that doesn’t mean they have to do without. You can add moldings to doorways, walls, ceilings, and fireplaces to make them more visually appealing. Extensively efficient.

12. Astronautics-Informed Bather:

Choose a shower fixture on the ceiling if you need more floor space. That way, you won’t have to worry about not having enough area to stand because the shower arm is too long. Choose the most straightforward shower screen you can find. The shower will look nicer if the fixtures are modern and well-designed.

13. The Expensive Thirteenth Colors:

What colors you use are crucial, no matter what. Those on a tighter budget would stick with the tried-and-true neutral colors of ecru, stone, camel, coffee, charcoal, or black, which provide a luxurious look without breaking the bank.

14. Have an impact with tiles:

Tile a wall or floor section instead of the whole thing to save money. Set a piece of marble on a window sill for instant sophistication, or use it as a shower step. …a stolid expanse of rug or floor.

15. Adapt the lighting:

Refresh the room’s lighting; new pendants hung lower can make all the difference. Imagine puddles of light on tables instead of spotlights on people’s faces.

16. Prepare an exhibition of old prints and photographs:

A collection of black and white photographs can be downloaded at no cost from the digital repository of The New York Library. String or wire your favorite photos horizontally across a wall using bulldog clips.

The expert residential interior designers in Gurgaon can create a custom look for your home, business, store, or showroom within your desired price range and time frame. Our designers are comprised of hardworking experts committed to incorporating your preferences and working within your budget.