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Indian-style pooja room and mandir design for home in 2023

Indian-Style Pooja Room And Mandir Design For Home in 2023

Pooja rooms are important spaces that are crucial in almost all Indian households. Whether you believe it or not the essence of a pooja room with a lighted diyas is vital in enlightening you with all positive energy. If you are looking for the best pooja room designs in Gurgaon then we have got your back as you can go through this guide and get your hands on the best pooja room designs for

The interior designers for pooja room design will help you to get your hands on popular, durable and smart strategies.

Some of the best pooja room designs that you should know about

Pooja room designs in marble

If you have a big house and look forward to designating a particular room for pooja then there is undoubtedly no better picture than to recreate the entire design with marble. Irrespective of the high maintenance or the expenses you would incur, a marble-made pooja room is durable and prevents the entry of termites to a great extent.

A marble pooja room design when rightly matched with a wide range of decor and flooring, can be an eye-catching addition to the room. It is one of the best pooja room designs of which you can think. You can add a rich and sleek look to your property once you add a marble pooja room to your house.

Pooja room designs for South Indian Homes

Pooja room designs in South Indian homes are made of wood, while the idols are made of brass and worshipped. At the same time, the wooden mandir is kept inside the wall and the brass idols would be placed on the shelf. Mandirs in South Indian homes have doors kept shut during the afternoons and are opened only for arti during the evening or early morning. Wooden pooja room designs are perfect for South Indian homes as they work for all interior spaces.

This adds a sense of versatility and warmth to the pooja room in tiny houses. But you need to know that if you are adding a wooden pooja room in your space, you have to give in a lot of effort for maintenance and be cautious while lighting candles here. You can also add an om symbol printed on the embossed backdrop with a brass bell to add to the ambience.

Pooja room designs in the wood

Pooja rooms designed in wood blend entirely well with all decor themes but wouldn’t pooja rooms require a lot of maintenance? You can also refurbish your old wood by buying affordable second-hand wooden mandirs and refinishing them as you choose.

Modern pooja room designs

Modern pooja room designs are made by converting a part of your wall or even the entire wall into a pooja space. For this, you need anywhere around 6 to 8 inches of depth of the wall and allot each niche for a single idol. Ensure that you have a spotlight for all the nations so that the idol would be placed in it. You can place flowers or offerings in front of the idol inside that given niche. 

Small pooja room home designs for Indian homes

If you’re living in a small house like an apartment, you indeed do not have a space to create a separate pooja room, so in that situation, you can go for a ready-made mandir from the market or make your minimum and compact pooja space. Small pooja room designs also include some shelves on the wall and converting it into the pooja space. The frames can be made of wood, marble, glass or any other material you prefer.

Wall mounted Indian style pooja room designs

These pooja room designs are mounted on the walls and devotional spaces are perfect for small or studio apartments. They are perfect for tiny spaces and prevent the use of the floor, and they Can be installed easily in any minimum area. They can also have some closed cabinets or open shelves.

Corner pooja room design

Most middle-class households have a pooja space in the living room corner, and you can also place a wall at your convenience. Still, most people believe in vast shastra by choosing a wall to make the pooja space. In the majority of Indian homes, cement wardrobes are pretty standard, and it is here that the pooja space also exists.

Stone embossed black wall

You can feel free to experiment with whatever you want with the choice of stones, colours, or textures that will help you create a contrast in the fall and an elegant touch to the room.

Compact wall cabinet Indian-style pooja room

Do you have a space constraint at your home? Compact world cabinets stay entirely off the ground and have a lot of storage space. 

If you are looking for the best pooja room designs for your home, you need to look no further. You can contact Luxury Avenue Interiors today, and they will help you learn everything about the pooja room designs and might also help you choose the one.