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In an architect’s eyes, the concept separates a structure from a piece of architecture, as the latter is merely a means to an end. The local climate, winds, sun aspect, vegetation, nearby structures, and even the area’s history all play a role in building design. We always consider the client’s values, priorities, and resources. Whether a house, museum, school, or hospital, a building’s program is a comprehensive inventory of all the rooms, it will house. At Luxury Avenue Interiors, our architects are well-versed in these areas, allowing us to learn about our clients’ needs and wants before designing the building or creating a physical sketch of the project. The creation of the site’s architectural structure may now be visualized thanks to this diagram.


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Instead of coming from nowhere, the many styles of architecture may be traced back to the needs of specific institutions. Buildings, residences, and institutions all necessitate an understanding of and proficiency in the art and science of architecture. The architects at TheLAI are among the most qualified and experienced in Gurgaon, allowing us to construct uniquely designed buildings.

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Unique Creations

Once the client is satisfied with the design, we give the plans to the architects so they can begin 3-dimensional planning based on the space. Plans can be adjusted to suit the needs of the customer better.

Designs with an Eye to the Future

Our team includes multiple architects to make the project sustainable and ready for the future. The business is well-known for its precise and innovative approach to design, which is centered on optimizing space and flow.

Open Lands

When we plan a project for a customer, we consider all the details they’ve specified, down to the smallest detail. This means, for example, leaving enough room in the design for all of the trees and native plants that will eventually grow in the area.

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Our goal is to have the design of your house be an expression of who you are as a person. Are you starting from scratch and building a house? We're here to lend a hand in the decision-making and preparation phases. Put our complete architectural and interior design resources to work for you.

  • If you send in pictures and other suggestions, we’ll do our best to include them in our work.
  • Our clear 3D layouts show how the finished room will look before it’s even built.
  • A schematic of where outlets will be located for essential electrical work.
  • Exterior paint schemes are depicted on our architecture firm’s 3D models.
  • Carefully curated furniture arrangement based on input from our in-house designers.

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We know that the environment in which plants and animals thrive is crucial and that the same is true for our blood: the very shapes and forms you have around you have a particular impact, as you, too, are a physical form, and so does the geometry of the building. How long something lasts or how effectively it performs are all questions of geometry. If we pay close enough attention, the shapes and buildings will leave a deep impression on us.

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