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The types of architecture are not created by, It has been established by different institutions according to their needs. Architecture is the art and skill related to construction of buildings, home and intitutions as it is must required in the construction buildings or any homes. We at TheLAI have the highly skilled and qualified architectures to create design structure in Delhi NCR.

To an architect, the concept is what distinguises a work of architecture from a mere building at it’s core it is necessary to solve problems. Architechure depands upon the multiple factors like local climate change, winds, the solar aspect, vegetation, neighboring structures, and the location’s history. We always determine the clients preferences like the culture, agenda’s and the budget. and program is basically the a detailed accounting of all the spaces the building will contain like it it is a home, musuem, school or hospital. At TheLAI our architects are highly skilled in these all the factors to get the customers preferences and then we are able to provide you an architectural structure of the building or a physical drawing we are making for the project. Now that once we have this diagram we start to see creating architectural sturcture of the site.


Custom Designs

According to the client’s preferences, we create multiple drawings according to the space on which the architects make planning once approved we deliver it to make a 3-D design. Revisions could takes place on the planning and according to the client’s requirements.

Future Oriented Designs

In our team we have a several architects involved in planning and making the project future ready so that we apply ustainable practices to all aspects of design, based on space and flow optimization the firm is popular for its accurate and creative approach.

Green Spaces

We believe in delivering every possible essential and the requirement to our clients, we include in our planning such as we are sticked to sketch such designs helps you get connected with environment to accommodate every tree and native plant connected with the space we include in our planning.


We aim to make your home interiors a reflection of your nature. Building a new home from scratch? We can assist you during the planning and selection procedure. Trigger the full power of our architectural & interior design team.

  • Bring in your photos, and other sources of inspiration and we’ll bring you our best and brightest ideas.
  • our crystal 3-D designs you are able to visualize exactly how your space will look.
  • Basic electrical plan showing power placement.
  • Color for the exteriors shown on the 3-D drawings made by our architectural team.
  • chosen furniture placement by our expert interior designers.

Vaastu favoring house plans

Everything that is functional in the universe has to be geometrically in sync otherwise it will cause a disturbance, We know this for plants and animals the atmosphere in which they live is very important the same goes for the human blood the very shapes and forms that you have around you have a certain impact because you are also a physical form so does the geometry of the building make a difference. It is all about geometry, how long something stands or how well something functions? so the forms and architecture have a significant impact on you if we paid enough attention.

Architecture image with with round stairs


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Living room interiors with multiple style lusters and hanging sitting area

We offer the design for your residential home interior, institutions, workspaces, and hospitality with the leading industry experts committed to aspiring to the nature of the space. Interior designers even help your decorating choices, for things like furniture color and accessories.

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