Luxury Interior Designer in Gurgaon


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  • Area: 31502 feet.
  • Locality: Sector 88, Mohali

At the site we have come across so many challenges like the interior space was very congested for the bedroom and the client wanted to have their interiors spacious this time. We have accepted the challenge and installed classy and modern wardrobes that have given us space to perform the task of a modular kitchen in the interiors of the home. Also, we have installed the deep lights in the ceilings, In the electrical part, the chandelier is modern and trendy. Next is the choice of color and finish to match the theme of the bedroom so the bedroom cabinets and the living are was matched by the interior decorator. We have also received a reward from the best interior designing agency in Punjab for the work we have performed in residential are at Mohali. Centre table to be kept near the sofa set for a living room is designed by the team of TheLAI. A large LCD display unit was installed by the electrical team and designed by the interior designer in the living room and the common bedrooms.